The Pirate Way

The Pirate WayMusic industry is suffocating from overwhelming burden of slimy leeches that steal the fruits of it’s labour. Or at least that’s what we are told. But people, in general, aren’t evil. If they were, we wouldn’t be living in such a well organized and civilized society as we see around today. I was wondering about this and came to some interesting conclusions. Continue reading

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29.11.2013 a day with The Raven – Steven Wilson in Poznań

Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused To Sing (signed)What a day, you could fell the magic in the air. It might have been just another ordinary day at the office if it wasn’t for this special guest. And a very special guest it was indeed… Continue reading

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Corima – Quetzalcoatl

Corima - QuetzalcoatlHow do you start a review of a great album? Do you just pour it out in the firs sentence or cover your true feelings and reveal them in time? Well, I’d like to do the later, but I can’t. I’m just too damn emotional about it. So here we go: here’s a review of a new, breathtaking Zeuhl release from USA: Quetzalcoatl by Corima. Continue reading

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Birds And Buildings – Multipurpose Trap

Birds And Buildings - Multipurpose TrapThe new heights of eclecticism have been reached! I thought that gems like Bantam To Behemoth, Birds And Buildings first album, happen only once. For me, BTB came out of nowhere and rocked my world, but then, for the next five years, there was silence. At the time of their debut, many reviewers described them as ‘a project’ rather than ‘a band’, so I thought that they shared the fate of so many other such entities and were never to be heard of again. Thankfully, THANKFULLY I was all wrong! Continue reading

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Mix City – On Track

Mix City - On TrackEveryone likes surprises, right? Well guess what, when it comes to music, I don’t. I don’t really know why, I guess I just like to find music by myself. Also it is very difficult to decipher my tastes. This time, however, thinks had taken an unexpected turn. My intrinsic scepticism was gone by the end of the first listen and now, after the fifth or sixth, I can honestly say that I have been given an excellent surprise music present. Continue reading

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The perfect transport pt. 3 – software

Dell Mini 9Laptops, or any personal computers for that matter, are not designed to be used as a high-end audio transports. It just so happens that they beat probably every dedicated audio transport in terms of price. Therefore it’s worth putting some effort in proper configuration of the former to get the quality of the later for a fraction of the price. That’s exactly what I did when my old CD player failed. Instead of buying a new one, I’ve invested in used netbook. This post summarizes my experiences in the software setup. Continue reading

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The perfect transport pt. 2 – noiseless laptop

E-MU 0404 USBIn part one of my little trilogy I have described my struggles to find decent and affordable CD player as a replacement for my recently retired Pioneer PD-S507. Once I have found it and was ready to make a purchase, I unexpectedly started to work on a different concept that eventually set my mind in an opposite direction. I’ve decided not to buy CD player at all, but to get a ordinary laptop computer instead. The only requirement was that it had to be completely noiseless. Continue reading

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