Summary of 2018 & plans for 2019


Prog In Park III ticket

Musically, 2018 was another excellent year for me. I just did a short summary and it turns out I slightly beat my last year’s record of 40 albums added to wantlist. I prepared this chart that shows how this number changed during last five years:

Number of albums added to wantlist each year

I also wanted to include in the chart the number of albums I actually bought each ear, but because of some rearrangements in the discogs database (some releases got merged, other split and I have to re-add them to my collection) it’s difficult to extract exact numbers. But this year I added exactly 39 new albums to my collection so it follows closely the number of albums added to wantlist.

Among the 41 albums I picked for purchase this year, 27 were this year’s releases and 3 were from last year (2017). The remaining 11 albums were older but I discovered or re-discovered them just recently, in particular there is a full Elephant9 studio discography and some key Rush albums I loved for many years but somehow never bough physical copies.

Among the top live shows I attended this year, the most important one was Paradise Lost’s concert at Eleven Bike Fest in Wrocław. Seeing PL live was my dream for many years and I’m very happy I finally managed to accomplish this. As I expected, on stage these guys are absolutely amazing! Second very important event was Camel’s concert at Progresja Music Zone in Warsaw. This was my second Camel concert and another emotional tsunami.

Next year will start strong with two highly anticipated albums. On 25 of January a follow-up to “The Similitude of a Dream” will be released. The Neal Morse Band has set the bar really high for themselves, TSOAD was my second favorite album of 2016. The new album named “The Great Adventure” will also be a double-CD concept opus and I can’t wait to see if it will work as well as the previous one.

Second album, already mentioned by me in my previous post is Dream Theater’s “Distance Over Time” scheduled for release on 22 of February. I have no doubt this time the guys will return to their usual album structure so I don’t expect any grand concepts, which is a shame because this is what I like most in their music. Nevertheless this is my favorite band ever and they are in top form so my expectations are very high.

Last but not least are the upcoming live shows. There is actually just one I’m looking forward to at the moment, but what a great one! Third edition of Prog In Park will be extended to two days this year, and the two headliners are Dream Theater and Opeth. Who could ask for more? For me this is a must-see and I wasn’t very surprised to find this amazing looking ticked under Christmas tree yesterday. Thank you my dear wife, you are the best!

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