Wrupk Urei – Kõik Saab Korda

Wrupk Urei - Kõik Saab KordaWelcome back after this longer-than-usual brake. I’ve spent this time taking a major turn in my professional career. Luckily that didn’t impact my music research, unfortunately it did impact my other activities, blogging included. Now that the storm is over, I come back to tell you about all the great music I’ve discovered during that period. Ready? Lets start with this fresh, or should I say freshly reheated, treat from Estonia. Continue reading

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Pienza Ethnorkestra – Indiens d’Europe

Pienza Ethnorkestra - Indiens d'EuropeLet’s start with hurdy gurdy. It’s a medieval music instrument that is basically made of a lyre, a crank and some buttons. You might occasionally find it in museums and even less frequently used by quaint artists. I have learned about it just recently and although I know that in other circumstances it wouldn’t make much of an impression, in skilful hands of Thierry Bruneau it has blown me away.

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Don’t buy pig in a poke!

Pig in a PokeWhen my boss gets angry he often says “Stop giving me excuses, give me solutions!”. I was about to write another post about piracy in music, but I decided to give it an unexpected form. I’d like to share with you my idea of an Internet service that I have came up with recently. I think that this service (let’s call it tentatively: SoundByte) could turn some pirates on the righteous path. Continue reading

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AltrOck’s finest: Ske – 1000 Autunni

Ske - 1000 AutunniGreat timing, isn’t it? Spring has just started and here I am writing review about an album entitled ‘1000 Autumns’. Well, you know how it is, when inspiration comes you just go with the flow. My mood today is cloudy and grey, but with a hidden promise of sunshine and this is exactly what you’ll find on this release.

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Unit Wail

Unit Wail - Pamgaea Proxima & RetortI don’t know what’s going on with these French bands, I just can’t get them of my mind. My last year’s in-depth study of Soleil Zeuhl catalogue has given me so much material that even though I’ve moved on to different musical styles since then, I still find it important to remind you about this stunning and surprisingly little known hatchery of music innovation. Continue reading

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Sésame, ouvre-toi!

Setna Guérison Cycle I Xing Sa Création de l'univers“Will Mankind be able to find the way to cure itself?” That I don’t know, but one thing is certain: with each new release from Setna and Xing Sa, our chances are getting better. Continue reading

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The Pirate Way

The Pirate WayMusic industry is suffocating from overwhelming burden of slimy leeches that steal the fruits of it’s labour. Or at least that’s what we are told. But people, in general, aren’t evil. If they were, we wouldn’t be living in such a well organized and civilized society as we see around today. I was wondering about this and came to some interesting conclusions. Continue reading

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